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Middle/High Summer Reading


Why read this summer?

The MSAW Middle/High Summer Reading Club is about having fun. According to the American Library Association, benefits to reading over the summer include:

  • encouragement that reading become a lifelong habit.
  • reluctant readers can be drawn in by choosing what they want to read.
  • reading over the summer helps children keep up their skills and build new ones.
  • reading for pleasure can generate interest in the library and books

How to motivate a reluctant reader?‚Äč

  • Choice is essential. Read a book that interests you.
  • Set aside time to read. Do you have a chunk of time in your day to read?
  • Read comic books. They count, too.
  • Read with a headlamp and stay up late. 
  • Don’t know what to read? Get help. Ask a librarian or bookstore employee MEfor suggestions.
  • Get a library card to use voraciously. 

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